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Langkawi is a collection of 99 islands, 30 kms from the east coast of Malaysia. The place was once a best kept secret from the world until it was granted the tax-free status and promoted for tourism to people for all over. The Langkawi is a famous among foreign tourists, especially among European tourists. Soon there was a boom of foreign tourists all across the island and is known to be among every tourists all along the world. Its superb landscape and the beautiful sea beaches along with geographical location have made it accessible to tourists from all over. One can easily travel through boat, bike, car, taxi or a even a bicycle to travel from the Langkawi international airport.

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Langkawi is generally a very safe place, but still there are some things to remember while travelling and staying in the city.

Road safety
Most of the roads in the main areas of the city are well-lit, but there are some roads in the minor regions which don’t have enough lights. Most of these roads are located in the rural areas and the Malaysian villagers have a very casual outlook towards observing safety on the roads. If you rent a car for travelling in Langkawi, be careful while driving through these roads. Always drive at a slow space and keep a watch for livestock, pedestrians and erratic motorcycles. The roads in Kuah are especially confusing and you may find yourself wandering into the wrong places. Keep an eye on the road arrows for avoiding this problem. You may also find animals like buffalos and goats sleeping on the road!

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