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Transportation and its related advantages and disadvantages when travelling in Langkawi, Malaysia

 Langkawi international airport handles more than 1 million passengers and is situated at Padang Matsirat. The airlines that provide services are Air Asia, Happy Airways, Silk Air, Malaysia Airlines, and Firefly. Following are the ways through which you can travel are as follows:-

(The prices written below is for your reference only, you should always refer to the latest price from respective owner & company.)

Langkawi Ferry operates ferryboats with air conditioning from Kuala Perlis, Penang, Kuala Kedah, and Satun. Kuala Perlis will cost RM18 that will travel for a span of 75 minutes. Kuala Kedah will cost you RM23 with a span of 105 minutes of travel. Penang travel will cost RM60 with a total travel span of 165 minutes, and Satun travel will cost RM30.

Car Rental
Travelers can choose to rent a car either way. Various types of cars include Proton Saga (BLM), Perodua Myvi, Proton Persona, Suzuki SX4, Toyota Altis, Cherry Tiggo, Toyota Rush. Most are suited to fit your budget. Here are the rates:-

-    Proton Saga (BLM) – A for MYR 126/day
-    Proton Saga (BLM) – B for MYR 146/day
-    Perodua Myvi for MYR 136/day
-    Perodua Myvi for MYR 146/day
-    Proton Persona for MYR 188/day
-    Suzuki SX4 for MYR 198/day
-    Toyota Altis for MYR 218/day
-    Cherry Tiggo for MYR 188/day
-    Toyota Rush for MYR 208/day
-    Toyota Innova for MYR 300/day
-    Toyota Hiace for MYR 290/day

Cruise Tours
Yatch cruises are great as you can tour across the Andaman Ocean. Yatches provide a great ocean you’re with various activities that you can enjoy. A few of the cruises to look into are as follows:-

-    Crystal Sunset Dinner Cruise: - The sunset dinner cruise will take you across the Andaman Sea. The sea will also allow you to get a view of the Langkawi Island and the beautiful sunset. Look into dolphins and flying fishes. There is saltwater Jacuzzis too.

-    Eco Adventure Day Cruise: - Experience the mango grove. Lots of drinks are also available on the cruise ship. There is saltwater Jacuzzi. This is a 6 hours cruise tow people for the price of 1. The tour has a 1-hour Langkawi experience.

-    Langkawi Honeymoon Dinner Cruise: - best for couples. This cruise takes you across the Andaman Sea. There is also a beautiful sunset view.

-    Stardust Adventure Day Cruise: - it will allow you to visit the eco-system for Langkawi islands. Drag netting, kayaking and bout of fishing are common activities. There is Jacuzzi too.

-    Sunset Dinner Cruise with Seafood BBQ: - see dolphins and flying fish. This cruise will take you across the Langkawi islands.

You can also travel through motorbikes on rent. One motorcycle will cost you around RM25 a day and bicycles could be for RM12 per day. This is much cheaper than renting a car. Scooter is also available on rent.

Taxi is basically a public transport and is available for travel any time of the day. Destinations are not measured through meters and a ride usually costs about RM15. You can rent a taxi for a few hours or also find a chartered taxi for travel.


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