Attractions in Langkawi

Langkawi is a place that holds many rare places which are adventurous. You will have so much to see and do when you are in Langkawi that it certainly provides a return trip!

Following is a list of some rare attractions in Langkawi

The Al Hana Mosque
The Al Hana is a very mosque of immense historical importance in Langkawi. It has the distinction of being the first mosque opened by Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Malaysian Prime Minister in the year 1959. The architecture of the Mosque is inspired by other Islamic creations and incorporates everything from Uzbekistani Carvings to Malaysian elements. It is located right next to the Kuah Tourism Information Office and is very easily accessible.

The Eagle Square (Dataran Lang)
The Eagle Square or the Dataran Lang as it is known locally is popular meeting place for all Malaysians. The square is located near the Kuah Jetty and is adorned by a huge statue of a red eagle. The posture of the eagle is such that it looks like it has been captured while flying. The Dataran Lang is also known as Kuah Jetty Eagle Square and is dotted with numerous bridges, ponds, brick vaults and restaurants. It is a great place for taking a walk along with your family or friends while enjoying the gentle breeze from the sea. The Dataran Lang is open 24 hours and that is the best thing about it.

The Rice Garden (Laman Padi)
Pantai Cenang
Rice is the staple food of most Asian countries and Malaysia is no different. The Laman Padi or the Rice Garden is solely dedicated towards the grain that provides food to millions. There is a museum dedicated to the history of rice along with live demonstrations of rice farming and cultivation. There is also a restaurant in the premises offering the goodness of rice. The Laman Padi is located near the airport and the enty fee is only RM2. It is open from 10 am to 6 pm everyday.

The Summer Palace
Pantai Kok
This Summer Palace was originally a left over from the sets of the film “Anna and the King”. The movie had the Super star of Hong Kong, Chow Yun fatt as well as the famous actress of Hollywood, Jodie Foster. Now, visitors can take a walk inside the palace, buy some souvenirs from the shops located on the premises and eat some delicious Thai dishes at the restaurant.

Traditional performances inspired by Thailand are held everyday along with regular screenings of Anna and the King at the restaurant. The souvenir outlet stocks goodies like mini-thrones, mini-cabinets, Thai silk and floating candles. The Summer Palace is open everyday from 9 am to 10 pm and the entry fee is RM3.

Cultural Craft Complex (Kompleks Budaya Kraf)
This complex was built for promoting the culture of Malaysia and is dedicated towards showcasing the traditional handicrafts of the country. You can browse through items like hand-crafted wooden figures, batik silk tapestries and bamboo carvings. There is no entry fee for entering the complex and it remains open everyday from 10 am to 6 pm.

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