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Getting to Kedah is fairly easy. The state offers an international airport at Langkawi and a domestic airport at Alor Setar. You could also travel from Langkawi to the mainland and vice versa through its boats services. While on land, you could travel here through buses, private cars or trains. Land options are also speedy and convenient. Coming straight to the point, these are the best places to shop in Langkawi. It is a very natural desire among all people to shop when travelling to Malaysia. You may want to bring some gifts for your friends or family from Langkawi. Are you thinking where to shop in Langkawi and what to shop? Here, we have discussed some of the best places. Langkawi is a great tourist spot for visitors from abroad and all around the world. Apart from being a great place to shop for and an active nightlife, the island also offers a great place for tourists to come, visit and experience the wonders of Langkawi, Malaysia. Here are some of the very interesting places to visit in Langkawi, Malaysia

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    Langkawi is a collection of 99 islands, 30 kms from the east coast of Malaysia. The place was once a best kept secret from the world until it was granted the tax-free status and promoted for tourism to people for…
  • Things to Remember while travelling in Langkawi Malaysia
    Langkawi is generally a very safe place, but still there are some things to remember while travelling and staying in the city. Road safetyMost of the roads in the main areas of the city are well-lit, but there are some…
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    Langkawi is a good for place for budget travelers as it offers many options to travelers with a strict budget. Everything from the accommodation to the transportation is very cheap and easily affordable by everyone travelling to the place. Budget…
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