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Things to Remember while travelling in Langkawi Malaysia

Langkawi is generally a very safe place, but still there are some things to remember while travelling and staying in the city.

Road safety
Most of the roads in the main areas of the city are well-lit, but there are some roads in the minor regions which don’t have enough lights. Most of these roads are located in the rural areas and the Malaysian villagers have a very casual outlook towards observing safety on the roads. If you rent a car for travelling in Langkawi, be careful while driving through these roads. Always drive at a slow space and keep a watch for livestock, pedestrians and erratic motorcycles. The roads in Kuah are especially confusing and you may find yourself wandering into the wrong places. Keep an eye on the road arrows for avoiding this problem. You may also find animals like buffalos and goats sleeping on the road!

Crime in Langkawi
The crime rate of Langkawi is very low when compared to the other big cities in Malaysia. You can keep your car unlocked while getting out and it will be still there when you come back! Another reason behind this that you cannot get out of the island without returning your car to the rental desk you hired it from! Beware of the customs!

Beach safety
Most of the beaches in Langkawi are safe but you need to be careful of the monkeys. If they see you with food, they will attack you. They get violent if you try to attack them back. You can just pick up a stone and pretend to throw it at them and they will run away! Do not carry food in plastic bags because they might snatch it away from you. Another problem is the jellyfish. They have increased in number in the last few years and were behind the death of a tourist in the year 2010. Do not go for swimming at night or after you have had a drink.

Depending on when you travel to Langkawi, you may find many mosquitoes or none of them at all. Buy and carry a mosquito repellent before travelling to the island.

The hot and humid weather
Langkawi is quite hot so make sure to keep yourself hydrated at all times. It is easy to feel dizzy or light-headed due to the humid weather. Stock up on fruit juices and water and carry them with you at all times. Dehydration is the main reason behind tourists falling sick in the island. Drinking tap water is quite okay but it is better to buy bottled water if you plan to visit the interiors of Langkawi. Many tourists do not realize how hot the sun can get in tropical areas and make the mistake of going out without covering themselves up properly. You might get severely sunburned if you forget to do so.

Eating out
While eating out, always choose a restaurant that is clean and has a reputation amongst the locals and tourists. Avoid eating fried and spicy food items while eating out. Such food items are likely to make you feel more dehydrated.


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